California-based AI company, Splight, among winners of global Santander X ‘The AI Revolution’ challenge

  • Over 540 startups and scaleups* from 11 countries entered the global challenge organized by Santander, Microsoft and Oxentia Foundation.
  • The winning startups are BioGrip from Mexico, Dive Medical from Spain and Heartfelt Technologies from the UK. And the winners of the scaleup category are Orquest and Legit Health from Spain and Splight from the US.
  • Winners will receive cash prizes totalling €120,000 after collecting their awards at ceremony held in Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus.

* Companies with annual income over $300,000, more than $1 million capital raised, or over 25 fulltime employees.


The winners of the Santander X Global Challenge | The AI Revolution, organized by Santander, Microsoft and Oxentia Foundation, were announced yesterday at a ceremony held in Microsoft’s head office in Silicon Valley, attended directors from Microsoft and Santander, industry experts and investors.

The Challenge recognises new and growing companies that are leveraging AI to help society overcome significant challenges.

Six companies received awards in total – three startups and three scaleups, beating over 540 entrants from 11 countries.

The three winners of the startup category are BioGrip, a smart bionic system from Mexico that creates artificial limbs and rehabilitation devices; Dive Medical, from Spain, whose AI-based eye examination technology checks children for neurological disorders; and Heartfelt Technologies, from the UK, which makes an automatic, contact-free telemonitoring solution for heart failure patients.

One of the winning entries is the California-based artificial and ecological power system, Splight, whose AI allows users to capture, monetize and use the energy they produce. Other winners include Spanish companies Orquest (whose automated workforce scheduling solution boosts business growth) and Legit Health (whose easy-to-use app helps collect reliable, unbiased clinical data and improves the accuracy of medical diagnostics), which have won several awards.

The judges have also given an honorable mention to the Portuguese scaleup Smartex Europe, whose defect detection system for textiles helps reduce waste and improve business margins.

The six winners will receive cash prizes worth a total of €120,000 – €10,000 per startup; €30,000 per scaleup – and become members of Santander X 100, the bank’s global community of outstanding startups and scaleups. Furthermore, the winners will have access to Open AI APIs, subject to approval from Microsoft, as well as the opportunity to pitch to Microsoft’s Venture Capital (M12).

“The cash prizes, resources and visibility the winners will get marks the beginning of a bountiful relationship with Santander. Also, working on this challenge with Microsoft gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to explain their projects and share their ideas, vision and talent with some of the world’s most qualified experts in artificial intelligence.”

Diego Calascibetta
global head of Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation at Santander Universities

According to Jens Hansen, General Manager Data & AI de Microsoft EMEA, “This initiative has showcased some wonderful examples of how AI can positively transform the way we work and live. To recognize many of these benefits we need strong entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups, and at Microsoft, along with great partners like Santander and Oxentia, we are committed to building the platforms to support these innovators.”

Steve Cleverley, CEO of Oxentia: “It is with great pleasure that we at Oxentia congratulate the winners of the Santander X Global Challenge | The AI Revolution. We wish them all the best for the future of their journey, as they tackle to some of the biggest challenges in our society with the help of Artificial Intelligence, supported by both Banco Santander and Microsoft. We hope that these exciting opportunities will facilitate collaboration and growth in this important and exciting new sector.”

Banco Santander runs several initiatives to help people get ahead in their career. Santander X provides emerging companies with special training and resources to grow, prosper and develop solutions to society’s biggest challenges.


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