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Santander US Joins Financial Literacy for All as a National Member Company


Santander Holdings USA, Inc. (“Santander US” and “Santander”) announced today that it has become a national member company of Financial Literacy for All – a consortium of US companies and leaders from business, professional sports, non-profit organizations and entertainment dedicated to embedding financial literacy within the US culture.

Santander – along with Mastercard, BlackRock, TIME for Kids, Nextdoor, FICO, US Bank, Truist and First Horizon Bank – joins founding members Walmart, Disney, NFL, NBA, Delta Air Lines, Walgreens, Bank of America, Khan Academy and Ares Management as part of this first-of-its-kind coalition. Over the next 10 years, Financial Literacy for All intends to enable 5 million working adults, 15 million family members and 50 million individuals overall with financial literacy and empowerment tools and resources.

Launched in May, Financial Literacy for All is a 10-year commitment co-chaired by Walmart CEO Doug McMillon and John Hope Bryant, Founder and CEO of Operation Hope. Santander’s involvement complements its existing efforts among its US financial services companies to promote greater financial well-being among US consumers.

“Santander’s mission is to help people and businesses prosper, and we believe that financial well-being is a crucial part of this core objective. Financial empowerment – when it’s accessible to all and part of our cultural fabric – can be a powerful force for good.”

Tim Wennes
Santander US CEO

Santander’s participation in the coalition is another step forward in Santander US’ efforts to promote comprehensive financial wellness for customers and for people who live in the places where Santander does business. These initiatives include offering products and services such as affordable housing, economic development for small- and medium-sized businesses, financial literacy education and training, and workforce development, particularly in low- to moderate-income communities. Additionally, Santander works with Operation Hope to offer financial wellness curriculum and coaching for employees.

“The Financial Literacy for All coalition will leverage significant thought leadership and capital investment to advance financial wellness in communities across the US,” added Wennes. “We are proud to be a part of this important work, and look forward to making meaningful change over the next decade with our fellow coalition members.”


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Laurie Kight

Investor Relations

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