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Santander Leads $165 Million Financing for iEnergizer


Santander Bank, N.A. today announced that its Commercial Banking division led a $165 million syndicated credit facility on behalf of iEnergizer Ltd., a global provider of business process outsourcing services and content services. The financing will be used to support iEnergizer’s efforts to modestly leverage the balance sheet to finance a special dividend to reward shareholders for their support.

“Despite the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we were happy to support iEnergizer as it sought to appropriately capitalize its business,” said Joseph Sigle, Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Middle Market Banking at Santander Bank. “We took the time to get to know the iEnergizer management team and understand their strategy and commitment to their customers, employees and shareholders. That knowledge, combined with the experience of our global investment banking partners, enabled us to execute this financing in a difficult market.”

Founded in 2000, iEnergizer is a global service provider of business process outsourcing solutions, from customer service and collections, to chat, claims and investor relations. It primarily serves U.S.-based clients in the banking and financial services, healthcare, publishing, legal, gaming and energy sectors, including many Fortune 500 companies.


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