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Santander Consumer USA Foundation Awards $5.6 Million in Charitable Grants


Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc. (NYSE: SC) (“SC”), announced today that 39 nonprofit organizations will receive $5.6 million in charitable grants from the Santander Consumer USA Inc. Foundation to fund needed resources to help the most vulnerable in our communities rebuild as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Santander focuses on five philanthropic pillars in its charitable giving:

  • Educational Mobility – Developing talent and preparing students for the workforce
  • Physical Mobility – Addressing personal physical modality and transportation issues that affect economic mobility
  • Economic Mobility – Financial literacy, job and workforce readiness, entrepreneurship
    and innovation
  • Sustainability, Crisis and Resiliency – Issues affecting the environment and urban development, disaster relief and immediate response recovery in crisis situations
  • Social and Racial Justice and Equity – Investments addressing issues affecting justice and equity
    for all

SC is committed to being a part of the communities in which it does business by supporting organizations that make a measurable and sustainable impact.

“We recognize that the aftereffects and ongoing concerns of the pandemic have adversely affected millions of vulnerable individuals with grave consequences. The SC Foundation is truly committed to serving our most vulnerable communities by focusing investments with projects connected to our five philanthropic pillars with the intent of helping provide greater stability, support and hope for those in need.”

Mahesh Aditya
President and CEO of SC

SC doubled its contributions to the Santander Consumer USA, Inc. Foundation from $3 million in 2020 to a commitment of $6 million in 2021 to support organizations serving the most vulnerable in our home communities of Dallas, Mesa and Tampa. In addition to monetary donations, SC employees have donated more than 10,000 volunteer hours over the past two years to these and many other organizations, addressing the difficult challenges the organizations face, and contributing in practical and meaningful ways to community success.

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