Santander and the Oxentia Foundation are launching a global challenge to find innovative projects in healthcare

  • Santander X Global Challenge | Innovation in Healthcare is aimed at startups and scaleups from 11 countries that provide solutions for caring for patients, reducing costs and improving the efficiency of healthcare.
  • The six winning projects will receive prizes worth €120,000, access to the Santander X 100 global community and connect to Fintech Station, Banco Santander’s open innovation area.
  • Applications will remain open until 11 July at Santander X.

Banco Santander and the Oxentia Foundation are launching the Santander X Global Challenge | Innovation in Healthcare¸ a global challenge for startups and scaleups from 11 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, USA and Uruguay) that provide innovative solutions for caring for patients, reducing costs and improving the efficiency of healthcare. Applications will remain open until 11 July at Santander X.

The solutions of the candidate companies should focus on three key areas:

  1. Technology and automation: Innovations that support the effectiveness and advances of health professionals like operational function systems that save costs, resources and reduce medical errors, development of medical devices, wearables, the use of robotics and virtual reality for medical training and remote surgical procedures.
  2. Operational efficiency: Innovative solutions that track and analyze the healthcare industry and can help governments, companies and other stakeholders make strategic and operational decisions. Businesses that improve hospital operations, electronic record management systems for more efficient documentation and management, data analysis to optimize resource allocation and personnel planning.
  3. Patient care: Solutions focused on patient-centered care to offer you a comfortable and efficient experience from start to finish. Solutions that allow better patient care from home diagnosis and monitoring to virtual appointments, autonomous medication dispensary, simplified treatment plans, personalized medicine.

“It is key for the well-being and progress of people and societies that our health systems keep up with the technological revolutions that are already happening in many areas. By doing so, we bolster our support for entrepreneurship as a driver of change and provide visibility to a sector where innovation has the capacity for profound transformation.”

Rafael Hernández
Director of Santander Universities

To select the six winning projects, an expert jury made up of executives from Banco Santander – including members of the CIB area – and other internationally renowned organisations, will assess, select and announce the six winners, who will receive €120,000 in prizes: €30,000 for the three winning start-ups (€10,000 each) and €90,000 for the three best scale-ups (€30,000 each). They will also have access to Santander X 100, the exclusive global community with Santander X’s most outstanding companies, and will be able to connect with Fintech Station, the bank’s Open Innovation area.

“The need for innovation in healthcare is crucial for improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, and advancing medical research. At Oxentia Foundation, we strive to empower entrepreneurs to address global challenges and support societal well-being. Through our work, we can help identify and support innovations in this important industry that will pave the way for ground-breaking treatments & technologies, ultimately leading to better, wider and more inclusive healthcare access.”

Steve Cleverley
CEO of Oxentia Foundation

Banco Santander rolls out several initiatives to help people and businesses enhance their future prospects. Through Santander X, we support entrepreneurial projects, startups, scaleups and SMEs to create opportunities, consolidate and grow. We offer them the training, advice and resources needed to move forward and scale up their business.


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